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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 11:46


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Spring brings a whole bunch of birdlife back into our estate. Recently we saw a Lesser Striped Swallow collecting grass to line its nest. These birds, with dark blue upperparts, a red rump and rufous-chestnut crown, builds a bowl-shaped mud nest. The nest has a soft lining and can be found in a cave, under a rock overhang or a tree. The Lesser Striped Swallow partially migrates with South African birds wintering further north.

Our wildlife family is growing as we welcome new babies to their respective herds, including; a baby springbok to the 10 we already have, 3 new young wildebeest add to the 5 original we have, and 1 baby Nyala making 27 in total. There were 17 Nyala released into the boma recently, all of which have remained very calm and will be released quite soon. Our herd of impala continue to grow, with the black impala gaining a herd of 12 females. Lastly, our herd of blesbok have increased to a total of 28.

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